The Full Fitness Approach

My coaching program includes assistance with nutrition habits that are sustainable. You can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting. I offer a variety of online fitness program options that are geared to your goals. You will be receiving an online personal trainer along with an amazing accountability system that is designed for results and getting you healthy and strong!

Online Coaching

Online coaching is more personalized than a gym membership model. With online coaching, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality personalized programs based on all the latest resources out there with your Personal Trainer as your online Accountability Coach.

Fitness Training

With my fitness training, you can train when and where ever you likeWe all live busy lives. I understand how hard it is to commit to a regular time to meet your personal trainer and hit the gym.That is why I have created a membership area to access your programs when it is convenient for you!


I will look into your eating habits and determine how we will make healthier options in order to reach your goal. Downloadable tools will be provided to assist you in reaching those goals along with the support of an Accountability Coach. I am committed to your success!

Ruth Groom
Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor
and Nutrition Coach

“One of my greatest joys is to see people realize that fitness and nutrition does not need to be complicated and that we are never too old to reach our goal to a healthier, happier and fitter lifestyle that can be achieved and maintained long term.  It is never too late to change your life!”  Stay strong #rebelfitnhealthy

Rebel In Motion Fitness is able to offer personalized lifestyle plans based on your personal goals and needs. The program incorporates total health and exercise evaluations, metabolic and functional training, strength training, nutrition habit coaching. Ruth has helped people just like you take control of their lives and their health. 

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