I have been fighting bronchitis/asthma for over a week. Today I thought I was feeling much better and I wanted to get back to working out. I took my puffer a half hour before the workout then did the warm up and not even half way thru, that was it. Good old “Asthma” let me know that I was done. I did some quick stretches and called it a day.

While I was researching for another article, I found this one below from MEMD and I thought it was such a good guideline to go by, that I would share it with you.

You are too sick to workout if:

1. Your symptoms are below the neck.
2. You have a fever
3. You are taking a decongestant
4. You have asthma

Check out the link for more detail on this article.

Most important thing is to listen to your body and take the time to recover so that you do not prolong the illness.
So it looks like I will be just walking for a little while longer.

Have a great weekend!

4 Signs You Are Too Sick To Work Out

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