December Fitness Challenge – Day 7 – Happy Wednesday!

We are snowed in again! It has been 2.5 days now for no school and the roads shut down.

The community was wonderful at coming together and helping all the stranded travelers. Finding them a place to stay, food, drinks and keeping them company.  Tom Jackson and his group the Huron Carole were also stranded and they put on a wonderful performance for everyone! How awesome was that!
It was really nice to see the grater out this morning starting on snow removal. The town and emergency crews have been amazing. The Roads are still closed at this time as they try and get snow removed and sand put down. The wind is still blowing the snow, but it is not as high of winds. More snow is on the forecast yet again and my kids are already saying, how great it would be if they got another day off school. Not!! haha

So today ‘s fitness challenge we are back to compound exercises! They are my favorite exercises as you are doing more work with more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time and burning lots more calories! So these type of exercises are perfect for those pressed for time.

These exercises can be done without weights.  Remember to do the exercise slowly and contract your muscles. You can  also use large cans, filled water bottles, or pop bottles or even fill up empty milk jugs to use as weights.pexels-photo-225251

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