I forgot to post Day 3’s challenge in my rush to get out the door early to get ahead of the crowds at the mall! So here it is. It is a HIIT  cardio workout to get your heart rate up!  Do As Many Rounds As Possible . After I did mine, we went Christmas shopping.


We took a break from shopping to have a nice breakfast  out. I may be a little fussy on how my eggs are cooked, but the cook basted them perfectly! We ended up getting a good portion of our shopping done.


December Fitness Challenge Day 4 — Rest Day

Today I will be wrapping the Christmas presents I got yesterday, checking off the todo list, which is almost done. Yeah! I hate leaving to the last minute. I have some more Christmas decorating, laundry,  housecleaning to do, and I hope to try and get some meal prepping for the next few days in.. Hmm it doesn’t seem like a rest day!! What does your rest day look like?


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