December Fitness Challenge – Day 8

Good Morning! Today the kids are back to school!! Yeah,
Today’s workout is a Standing Ab Workout.

Sometimes Ab Workouts on the floor are not easy for people with back injuries, or anyone with a disc herniation. If they are not done properly they can cause injuries or soreness.

I have a bulging disc herniation in my neck; pressing on my spinal cord, and I have been very fortunate so far to not require surgery. In the future, who knows, that might change. In the meantime, I keep moving, so this is why I prefer to do standing ab work most of the time. While these exercises use many muscle groups in some cases, you are still working your core.

Remember – no twisting your body to the point of pain, or pulling/twisting on your neck at all when doing the standing side crunch,  you want to do the moves until you feel the stretch, keep your core engaged at all times (belly button sucked in towards your spine), be standing tall, and remember to breath through out the workout!

If you feel this is too much, try to just get one round done or shorten the amount of times doing the move and then try again at another time. You will find that with repetition you will be able to increase your numbers

Keeping our core strong is very important as we use it everyday. It is the core link to our upper and lower bodies.
We use it to bend over and pick something up off the ground, put our shoes on, bathing, dressing, standing and sitting in a chair to name a few. It helps prevent or ease back pain, and aids in the prevention of  injuries or falling as we get older.

Weak core muscles can also impair how your arms and legs work and affect your posture. For example, slouching or rounded shoulders. A strong core will enhance your balance, posture and stability.
There are so many more  reasons to keep a strong core. I am not all about getting skinny, losing weight or aesthetics like a perfect six pack.

My motto in everything fitness/health related is “Keep Moving and Stay Strong”! Enjoy a long and productive life. We only have one life, live it!

If you have any questions, please send me an email or ask here. Have an awesome day!!!Christmas Fitness Challenge - Day 8.jpg

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