Remember, how you used to wear a pair of jeans until they were faded and soft and became the pair that  you always wanted to wear.

It was always a major crisis growing  up when you realized your favorite pair of faded jeans were in the wash and you could not wear them to school. Oh, the drama. It just seemed to ruin your day!! At least, my mom always told me I would carry on like it was the end of the world not to be able to wear those jeans..She would shake her head, and say “Teenagers!”

Not to mention, when your mom decided to throw them in the garbage because she felt that they were a disgrace to wear in public!  It’s funny how we attach certain memories to the mention of a single word.

Now, instead of breaking in those favorite blue jeans, you can shop to your heart’s content and find a pair of jeans already softened, faded, frayed and ripped.

How to distress:



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