Far too many times we get hung up on the number on the scale. We stress over every ounce gained or lost.  What we accomplish by doing that is causing more stress to ourselves. Stress, just hinders our goals even more!

So what is it about, if the goal is not weight loss? There is no  destination, or final result. It is about the journey . It is about a new healthier lifestyle that can be maintained for the rest of your life! Every one’s vision of that will be different.  It is not about what you weigh or what size you fit into. It’s about  learning to love yourself in your own skin. It’s about what you gain through this journey. Majority of people are not meeting the recommended daily requirements of physical activity!

There are other benefits to a healthier lifestyle than just weight loss and here are a few of them.

More Energy 

If you add regular exercise to your weight loss goals you will improve your muscle strength, increase your endurance which will benefit you by  gaining more energy.  When you add exercise to your daily routine it will deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which will help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When this happens your heart and lung function will improve,  which will give you more energy  daily to do  your every day life activities. For some you CAN help alleviate all that huffing and puffing you noticed you have been doing lately.


Better Sleep

Losing weight will help you sleep better and sleeping better will help you in your weight loss goals! See how important getting enough sleep in your life benefits you. This research shows that that getting 5% more sleep can not only help you sleep better but longer!  Not to mention that losing fat will help to alleviate snoring and sleep apnea.


Improved Balance

By adding resistance training to your weight loss plan you will gain other benefits besides  the toned of your muscles. Your balance and coordination will  also improve, as will your posture, which you will greatly appreciate as you age! Improved balance, flexibility and strength all help to prevent falls later on in life.


Improved Flexibility

You can benefit from improved flexibility when you regularly perform a flexibility and stretching routine weekly by improving circulation throughout your entire body. It also increases joint range of motion, reduces injuries  and aids in improving your balance also.  Other benefits are more mental.  Stretching activities like yoga are calming , relaxing and  centers  the mind. Stretching also reduces muscular soreness, decreases the symptoms associated with menstruation, and reduces overall muscle tension.  Definitely worth checking out your local yoga class. Most will offer a beginners class.


Improved Health

Weight loss can help with improved mood, reduce stress, improve your sex life, reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular health,  and so much more.  There was a study  done of 40 obese men and women aged from  32 to 56 and the study  found that  just by  losing 5% of their weight they benefited from  improvements in their health by having better control of insulin in the liver, fat and muscle tissues.  Just by a 5% weight loss! So when we think we are not losing fast enough remember there is a lot going on in your body that you may not even realize! Also keep in mind  that it does not mean that being super skinny is the healthiest either. There is no set size for what is best. We have ranges that studies have shown to be the best for our heights, but it truly is what is best for YOU and where you are feeling YOUR best.


Improved Strength

Improving our strength is so important and should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, regardless of a weight loss goal. By adding resistance training to your lifestyle you will be able to perform every day activities better. Like carrying groceries or a child. Studies have shown that with a consistent strength training program you can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Starting approximately in our 40’s muscle mass declines with age and it increase after the age 50. Also the rate of muscle loss really begins to outpace the rate of  which we can gain muscle gain. Maintaining as much bone and muscle mass as we age can determine where we can sit   down without being aided.


Enjoying A Better Quality of Life

Overall there are so many benefits to exercise and weight loss, that I could go on and on, but I will go over more in other posts.  The point is weight loss is important and we can receive benefits just from that. But  what I do what you to know is that when we just lose weight without adding resistance training we are not only losing weight or fat, but we are losing muscle. That is something we do not want to have happen if we can help it as we do not want to accelerate that loss as we age! We want to enjoy our retirement and possibly chase some grandkids.

If you are stuck and overwhelmed or maybe not sure where to even start,  contact me below and we can set up a time for a consultation to go over your goals .


~ Coach Ruth ~

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