I started this blog a year ago, but life and a new adventure got in the way. I have been working hard on getting certified as a fitness instructor with the Fit Chicks Fitness & Nutrition Expert program! I highly recommend their program if this is something you are interested in. I am still working on assignments, but I am so impressed with the amount of information that I have learned. I can’t wait to get certified! Once I have my certificate I can also get accrediated by Can Fit Pro as a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) and hopefully soon as  a PTS! There are so many  career choices that one can go into with this field, that I have not quite narrowed down a niche to specialize in yet. But I do hope to be able to inspire and help motivate people to a  happier and healthier life. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more of my journey soon!28987225a1484e49ec2840fd4986c6a1

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