I  think we have all had Second thoughts about something! I am in my 40’s and thought I was way too old to be thinking of a different career change. Let alone one in the fitness/nutrition industry!  Someone close to me said, “Why not? Where is the age limit?” and you know what, Age is but a number! It really is. So that was the beginning.

Half way thru the course is when second thoughts started. Second guessing myself and almost throwing in the towel. But I kept going. Time will tell if that decision was right.

Kids learn by watching us. If they see us always quitting and walking away, are we really sending a good message? That was one of my main decisions to keep going. I firmly believe in leading by example. Does that mean they must follow the same path? No, but hopefully they will learn that having second thoughts is normal.


via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

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