Sooo close to being done! Today is the day!!! I  have my last practical exam today and then that is it!

Then the  waiting begins for my test results and then the certification  process. I had hoped to be done long before now  but life doesn’t  always work that way. It seems  that the universe likes  to throw up road blocks to test you along the way. I didn’t  let it stop  me. It slowed me down and  I had a lot of self doubts but I still jumped every hurdle  that came my way .

This year has been crazy and I  hope it ends the way I want. Certified as a Group Fitness and Personal Trainer and Nutrition.  If it all works out, then 2017 will be an exciting and interesting year! There is so much more I want to take this goal of mine to. I’m on a mission!

I know many people  who think I am too old and have not been supportive or taken me seriously at all. Thanking God for my hubby and my kids! Their support has meant everything to me and no matter how many times we practiced and I said we need to do that again  as I messed it up they  were still  willing  to do what it took to help me achieve my goal.

BUT, I do think that I have shown that it’s  not about age, it’s  about attitude and your mindset!  You can do anything you want if you just try. Never stop trying and dreaming, we only got one life. Live it!!!

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