These two Work Out of the Day (WOD) are Mini-Circuits and they are so much fun, challenging and can be intense!

I know some days are easier than others but fitness should not be a punishment or chore, but something that you find fun and rewarding. I too sometimes just feel like I just do not have the motivation to workout, but that is the time to dig in deep and find your motivation. You will feel much better afterward!  I know I always do.

The rewards that you receive are; the health benefits you gain by being physically active and knowing that your body is capable of being strong. Sometimes it is a matter of trying many different types of workouts to find the ones that you love.

In these mini workouts below, please make sure that you are warming up for a minimum of 5 minutes. This could involve marching/jogging on the spot, squats, windmills, alternate leg swings, etc.

Also stretching at the end is just as important and it is recommended also a minimum of 5 minutes, and holding each stretch for about 30 seconds. Stretching can include balance and flexibility work. This is really important because as we get older a large majority of people lose their flexibility as they age. We need to keep working on our balance and flexibility as it can help to prevent falls later on as we get older.

An example of balance could be is calf raises, balancing on one leg (try it once with your eyes closed! Did you know a difference?) A flexibility stretch could be trying to reach your toes. Many people have tight hamstrings, and it is hard to reach very far. Don’t force this stretch, only go until you can feel the stretch and hold it for  30 seconds. As you continue to work this stretch into your routine you should notice that you can reach a little further as you go.



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