I would like to think that we can agree, that it is OK to Disagree with someone’s opinion. What a boring  world it would be if we all thought the same way!  Imagine if  we all looked, thought and dressed the same! The differences in us is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

It is OK to disagree with someone’s lifestyle. It is OK to disagree with your friends or family’s opinions or beliefs. To follow a different path. To disagree, does not mean you no longer love or like them or even stop talking to each other? No, it simply means that you have a difference of opinion.

I saw far too many posts last night of friends deleting and blocking friends on Facebook, due to disagreements on political beliefs. Is there a friendship code that says – Do what I say and think what I say, and speak what I speak? Insults were heaped upon insults! Then the dreaded “you are now blocked” post was the finale.  Wow!

We should all be grateful that we have the ability to disagree without persecution and are  fortunate enough to live in a country that has free speech. There are many that do not…..


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